Blogbeat - Real Time Blog Analytics
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The simple, elegant, and unique way to monitor the performance of your blog.
Easy to use and understand

All you really want to know is how many people read your blog, how they find you and who keeps coming back for more. But most tools just give you lists of urls, complex graphs that don't make sense, and seven different levels of menus to navigate.

Well not any more, my friend. Blogbeat is here. Smart, elegant, and best of all, designed specifically for blogs so it's easy to understand.

Sign-up and install in about 5 minutes

Blogbeat is a 100% hosted solution and works with any blog software. You only need to add a few simple lines of javascript to your blog's HTML to get started.

Track visitors to your blog in real-time -- no need to wait days to see how your latest post on "Dancing With The Stars" is doing. By that time you've written 10 more (hopefully not all about Dancing With The Stars though).

Try it now for free (not actual anymore!)

(!) BlogBeat analytics system was bought by Feedburner (wiki) in 2006 (read news dated July 17). This site is closed. A domain is for sale. Thanks.